Publicists, Celebrity/Artist/Band Management, Working Media, Event Promoters & PR Firms 

Arejay Images looks forward to working with all publicists, celebrity/artist/band management, working media, event promoters and PR firms to promote and provide coverage of their celebrity/artist/band and/or event that you represent. Please contact John at Arejay Images regarding coverage of your clients or event. Do not hesitate and send an email:  Coverage@ArejayImages.com 

     We encourage all publicists, event promoters, management and their representatives to emails us with all media advisories, media alerts and coverage requests regardless of your location as we have photographers able to fly anywhere in the US on a moments notice. Thank You.

Arejay Images
Arejay Images  is an independent photographic press agency. We supply high-quality photography to the world's professional media companies on a daily basis. Arejay Images has extensive experience covering major entertainment, sports, news, fashion, corporate, and feature events. For more information about Arejay Images please email: info@arejayimages.com